Preface by Martin GRAY in the book « Isabelle CREVIER peintures »

When one looks at Isabelle CREVIER’s paintings, one is immediately struck by their sense of humanity: a sentiment that doubtless stems from her childhood years spent in Africa. Her themes, some of which are universal, reveal a compelling hankering for Africa and Asia.Resolutely keeping her distance from the realm of appearances, she entwines us in her canvas before liberating us, invigorated with the essential. Thanks to a visual intensity and a rare sensitivity, she manages to reconstruct the soul of traditional societies, the cradle of humanity. Feminine grace, the joviality of children, the tenderness of attitudes, the luxuriant beauty of landscapes from one painting to the next, the observer is submerged in a harmonious and calm universe. It is self-evident that Isabelle CREVIER is seeking, through her work, to entice the world towards more beauty, more sensuality and, quite simply, more love. She cuts through colour with this obsession for verticality that she accentuates through the piercing quality of light. But without this immense portion of humanity, which she permanently extols, simple technique would not in itself be enough to bring us into her universe. The force of her painting is such that is makes us like the painting. The force of her painting is such that is makes us like our neighbors. The force of her painting is such that is makes us like life itself. The pictorial asceticism of Isabelle CREVIER opens the way for us to a word of noble intentions and, in sum, a better world.

Martin GRAY


President of the Human Rights Foundation