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Arsinoé ( H 0,92 X 0,60 M )

Egyptian Princess Arsinoé – Cleopatra’s sister – was queen and co-ruler of ancient Egypt.

Arsinoé ruled over Meroé, the capital of the Kingdom of Kush for several centuries – today’s Nubia in Sudan – until 350 BC when king Ezana of Axum destroyed the city.

Arsinoé was then forced to run away and started a great pilgrimage throughout Africa along with her people. It is that journey of Arsinoë, the black Queen, that JMG Le Clézio relates in his novel “Onitsha” (…)

After a long ride along the Nile, through Sudan and Chad, Meroé’s people arrived in Onitsha, Nigeria, where Arsinoë founded the new city of Meroë on an island of the great Niger River.

This is one of the legends that Isabelle Crevier loves to bring to life in her paintings availables at Galerie Arsinoé.





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We ship all over the world, and the service includes the following steps:

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